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Reports and briefings on Contaminants in Baby Foods (and Product Recall List)

In response to a request from Codex for additional advice on this issue FAO/WHO implemented an expert meeting on 16 - 20 January 2006 to address the questions from Codex and evaluate a quantitative risk assessment model for E. sakazakii in powdered infant formula that the organizations had developed.
The final report is available at

ICDC [IBFAN International Code Documentation Centre]
Product Recall List 2012-2013 as at August 2013
ICDC [IBFAN International Code Documentation Centre]
Product Recall List 2011-2012 as at November 2012
ICDC [IBFAN International Code Documentation Centre]
Product Recall List 2010-2012 as at September 2012
Food Additive Provisions in the standard for infant formulas and formula for special medical purposes - March 2011 IBFAN briefing to Codex
New Evidence on Health Risks of Powdered Milk Formulas for Babies - Middle East Food magazine - May 2010, p.80 (by Alison Linnecar)
Are Hospitals inviting Milk nurses back through the front door?
ICDC Product Recall List 2007-2010 as at September 22th 2010
ICDC Product Recall List 2007-2008 as at September 30th 2008
ICDC Product Recall List 2000-2006
INFOSAN - Food Safety and Nutrition During Pregnancy and Infant Feeding
WHO - Guidelines for the safe preparation, storage and handling of powdered infant formula
How Safe are Infant Formulas? (By JP Dadhich)
2005 Chronology of Withdrawal of Nestle and other liquid milks due to ITX contamination
Compilation of Official Action: Risk of Contamination of Powdered Infant Formula with Enterobacter sakazakii December 2004
Stop press update to compilation of official action on Enterobacter sakazakii January 2005
10 Reasons for informative labelling of powdered infant formulas