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IBFAN emphasises that breastfeeding is the norm: it is the gold standard and protects the health of vulnerable infants. Artificial feeding using breastmilk substitutes and feeding bottles and teats (nipples) is a deviation from this norm. It can involve serious health risks and extra precautions should be taken when preparing, storing and handling feeds and selecting feeding utensils.To address this problem, the UN’s World Health Organization and Food and Agriculture Organization have issued Guidelines on safe preparation storage and handling of powdered formula:

  • Manufacturers fail to warn product users about the possibility of intrinsic contamination of powdered milk formulas by harmful bacteria. These bacteria can cause infection in babies and young children.  Manufacturers must inform about the extra precautions to be taken to avoid this risk. Are the bacteria in powdered formulas friendly or unfriendly?




STOP PRESS : Fatal Fungus - fungal contamination of a probiotic used for preterm infants 

Cronobacter/Enterobacter sakazakii infections: There is every reason why governments and industry must take action